RG-S6220-H Series DataCenter Switch
Ruijie's industry-leading RG-S6220H Switch Series, designed to power next-generation data centers and cloud computing services, delivers non-blocking, unified and virtualized switching performance with high transparency and sustainability. The high-performance and cost-efficient RG-S6220H Switch Series solves the problems such as traffic surge and high deployment cost, serving as the solid foundation for cloud computing network solutions.


The RG-S6220H Switch Series pushes the frontier with its 10G cloud-computing data center switches for the IP network. To comply with the trend of data center and cloud computing virtulization, the RG-S6220H Switch Series adopts the industry-leading VSU 2.0 technology, which enables virtualization of multiple physical equipments into one, significantly simplifying the network structure and increasing the equipment reliability. The RG-S6220H Switch Series also supports virtual machine discovery, automated migration of security policies and other next-gen data center virtualization features. Gearing up with the IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack multi-layer switching features, the RG-S6220H Switch Series offers abundant Tunnel technologies which can be applied to IPv4, IPv6 or IPv4/IPv6 hybrid network.


Featuring a smart traffic classification from Layer 2 to Layer 7 as well as a refined Quality of Service strategy, the RG-S6220H Switch Series can scale the service flow classification according to different applications to ensure the low-latency data transmission.


The feature-rich switches provide end-to-end QoS, and excellent virtualization performance for next-generation data centers. The series is ideal for the access layer of large data center networks, the convergence or core layer of medium and small data center networks, the convergence layer of large campus networks, as well as the core layer of medium and small networks.

Feature highlights of RG-S6220H Switch Series:

?Data Centre Virtualization (EVPN VXVLAN, VSU 2.0, OpenFlow) Support


?Non-Blocking Performance with Powerful Caching Capacity


?Up to 48 x 10G BASE-X/BASE-T Ports and 32 x 40G BASE-X Ports


?Advanced Layer 3 Routing Support


?Power and Fan Redundancy Support(,power module and Transceiver are hot-swappable. )

S6220 Series Data Center Switch
Data Center and Cloud Computing 10G Switch

Both data center features and campus network features are supported

Rich data center features are supported to ensure network integration and virtual switching

The RG-S6220 series is applicable to scenarios such as data centers, campus networks, and MANs based on service requirements

  • RG-S6220-48XS6QXS-H

  • RG-S6220-48XT6QXS-H

  • RG-S6220-32QXS-H

High Performance, Meeting Service Requirements

A single switch provides a maximum of 48 fixed 10GE ports and 6 fixed 40GE ports, and all of the ports can support the line rate.

10GBase-T electrical ports are supported to connect to 10G electrical servers, ensuring cost-effective networking.

The RG-S6220-32QXS-H supports 32 fixed 40GE ports ensuring high-speed data center networking.

Virtual Switching

The VSU2.0 technology can be used to virtualize multiple core switches into one logical device, ensuring network resource pooling.

A maximum of nine devices can be virtualized into one logical device, to improve network reliability, ensure load balancing between data links,

and implement unified management across the whole logical unit.

The VEPA technology is supported, which diverts traffic of virtual servers to physical switches, improving the security and

traffic controllability of the virtual servers.

Security policies can be migrated with VMs, ensuring automatic following of security policies during VM migration.


Layer-2 networking, meeting VM migration service requirements

EVPN VXLAN, ensuring multi-tenant isolation

Anycast gateway, ensuring optimal forwarding path

Tolly Group, International Authority for Testing and Certification

Tolly Group, an international third-party authority for testing and certification,

proves the superb performance of RG-S6220 series data center 10G TOR switches.



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48 fixed 10G SFP+ ports
6 40G QSFP+ ports

48 fixed 10GBASE-T ports (RJ 45)
6 40G QSFP+ ports

32 fixed 40G QSFP+ ports

Modular Power Slots


Fan Slots


Management Ports

1 console port
1 MGMT port

1 USB 2.0 port

1 mini USB console port

Switching Capacity


Packet Forwarding Rate




Port Buffer




ARP Table

Up to 40K

MAC Address

Up to 96K

Routing Table Size (IPv4/IPv6)


Multicast Entries (IPv4/IPv6)

Up to 16K

ACL Entries

Up to 8K


4K VLANs, Port-based VLAN, MAC-based VLAN, Super VLAN, Protocol-based VLAN, Private VLAN, IP subnet-based VLAN, GVRP


Basic QinQ, Flexible QinQ

Link Aggregation

Support LACP

Port Mirroring

Many-to-one mirroring, One-to-many mirroring, Flow-based mirroring, Over devices mirroring, VLAN-based mirroring, VLAN-filtering mirroring, AP-port mirroring, RSPAN, ERSPAN

Spanning Tree Protocols

IEEE802.1d STP, IEEE802.1w RSTP, Standard 802.1s MSTP, Port fast, BPDU filter, BPDU guard, TC guard, TC protection, Loop guard, Root guard,Spanning Tree Root Guard(STRG)


DHCP server, DHCP client, DHCP snooping, DHCP relay, IPv6 DHCP relay

Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) Instances

64 (not include default 0)

Maximum Aggregation Port (AP)

Up to 256

Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) Instances

Up to 2K

Data Center Unified Network Features

Virtual Switch Unit (VSU), EVPN VXLAN, OpenFlow

VSU (Virtual Switch Unit)

Support (up to 4 stack members)

L2 Features

MAC, ARP, VLAN, Basic QinQ, Felix QinQ, Link aggregation, Mirroring, STP, RSTP, MSTP, Broadcast storm control, IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping, IGMP filter, IGMP fast leave, MLD snooping, DHCP, Jumbo frame, RLDP, LLDP

Layer 2 Protocols 

IEEE802.3 (10BASE-T), IEEE802.3u (100BASE-T), IEEE802.3z (1000BASE-X), IEEE802.3ab (1000BASE-T), IEEE802.3ae (10GBASE-T), IEEE802.3an (10GBASE-T), IEEE802.3ak, IEEE802.3an, IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.3ad (link aggregation), IEEE802.1p, IEEE802.1x, IEEE802.1Q, IEEE802.1D (STP), IEEE802.1w (RSTP), IEEE802.1s (MSTP), IGMP snooping, Jumbo Frame (9Kbytes), IEEE802.1ad (QinQ and flexible QinQ), GVRP

Layer 3 Features

ARP, IPv4/v6, PBRv4/v6

Layer 3 Protocols (IPv4) 

BGP4, OSPFv2, RIPv1, RIPv2, MBGP, LPM routing, Policy-based routing, Route-policy, ECMP, WCMP, VRRP, IGMP v1/v2/v3, DVMRP, PIM-SSM/SM/DM, MSDP, Any-RP, ISIS

IPv4 Features

Ping, Traceroute, Equal-cost routing, URPF, IPIP, GRE tunnel, VRF

IPv6 Features

Static routing Equal-cost routing, Policy-based routing, OSPFv3, RIPng, BGP4+, MLDv1/v2, PIM-SMv6, Manual tunnel, Auto tunnel, IPv4 over IPv6 tunnel, ISATAP tunnel

Basic IPv6 Protocols

ND, ICMPv6, Path MTU Discovery, DNSv6, DHCPv6, ICMPv6, ICMPv6 redirection, ACLv6, TCP/UDP for IPv6, SNMP v6, Ping /Traceroute v6, IPv6 RADIUS, Telnet/SSH v6, FTP/TFTP v6, NTP v6,  VRRP for IPv6,, ISISv6

IPv6 Routing Protocols

Static routing, Equal-cost routing, Policy routing, RIPng, OSPFv2/v3, BGP4+, IS-IS

IPv6 Tunnel Features

Manual tunnel, Auto tunnel, 6over4 manual tunnel, 6to4 auto tunnel, ISATAP, IPv4 over IPv6 tunnel, IPv6 over IPv6 tunnel, GRE tunnel


IGMP v1/v2/v3, IGMP proxy, MSDP, PIM-DMv4 (PIM-DM), PIM-SMv4 (PIM-SM, PIM-SSM), PIM-SM v6, MLD, MLD Proxy


Standard/Extended/Expert ACL, Extended MAC ACL, ACL 80, IPv6 ACL


EXP priority mapping based on 802.1p, DSCP, TOS and IP Precedence; ACL traffic classification; Priority marking/remarking; Multiple queue scheduling mechanisms, such as SP, WRR, DRR, SP+WRR, and SP+DRR


VSU (virtualization technology for virtualizing multiple devices into 1); GR for OSPF/IS-IS/BGP; BFD detection; REUP dual-link fast switching technology; RLDP (Rapid Link Detection Protocol); 1+1 power redundancy; 2+1 fan redundancy; Hot-swappable line cards and power modules,Dynamic ARP Inspection(DAI),


Network Foundation Protection Policy (NFPP); CPU Protection (CPP); DoS protection; Detection of unauthorized data packets; Data encryption; IP source guard; RADIUS / TACACS+; IPv4 / IPv6 ACL packet filtering based on standard or extended VLANs; Plaintext authentication and MD5 cipher-text authentication of OSPF, RIPv2, and BGPv4 packets; Telnet login through limited IP addresses and the password mechanism; uRPF; Broadcast packet suppression; DHCP snooping,DHCP otpion 82,; Anti-gateway ARP spoofing; ARP check,


SNMP v1/v2c/v3; Telnet; Console; Hardware support RCMI (combo interface for  MGMT); RMON; SSHv1/v2; FTP/TFTP for file upload and download management; NTP clock; Syslog; SPAN/RSPAN; sFlow.

Hot Patch


Smart Temperature Control

Auto fan speed adjustment; Fan malfunction alerts; Fan status check

Smart Power Supply

Support power monitor

Other Protocols

DHCP client, DHCP relay, DHCP server, DNS client, UDP relay, ARP proxy, Syslog

(W x D x H) (mm)

420 × 420 × 44

442 × 500 × 44

442 × 420 × 44

Rack Height



(incl. fan modules and power modules)

(incl. fan modules and power modules)

(incl. fan modules and power modules)


>200K hours

Power Supply

AC input:
Rated voltage range: 100V to 240V AC
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated current: 5.29A to 2.2A

HVDC input:
Input voltage range: 192V to 290V DC
Input current range: 2.66A to 2.03A

Power Consumption 





Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C

Operating temperature: 0°C to 45°C

Operating temperature: 0°C to 45°C


Operating humidity: 10% to 90%RH


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